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  • Hermetik veya Scroll kompresörlü

    Hermetic or Scroll compressor

    IndustrIal GÜÇKAR ChIller Systems

    In the industrial industry, we are developing refrigeration systems to suit your production and product range...
  • Güçkar soğutmadan eskisini getir yenisini götür kampanyası

    Güçkar cooling CHILLER

    exchange campaIgn

    Bring your old interchangeable chiller machine, Take the extra discounts you want from the latest Powerful Chiller models.
  • İşletmenizin Soğutma Sorununa Kalıcı Çözümler

    We offer more permanent solutions

    to your BUSSINESS's COOLING problem

    with our Professional Team...
  • Chiller Markanız Ne olursa Olsun Periyodik Bakımı Güçkar Soğutmadan Olsun

    Chiller No matter what your brand

    PerIodIc MaIntenance

    With 20 years of experience, Energy Saving Guarantee from

7/24 ChIller MaIntenance And RepaIr

Enterprise cooling solutions for your business…

Periodically maintain your chiller maintenance for superior performance and maximum savings.industrial cooling
Chiller devices should be serviced twice in March and August. The first one should be run and the second one should be the last one. During each maintenance period, the chiller focuses on a different direction of the device and problems are sought. soğutma sistemleri soğuk hava deposu chiller soğutma sistemleri
The ones that are especially looked at in maintenance repair.ısıtma soğutma sistemleri
  • Electricity consumption information is examined.
  • Excessive noise or vibration is considered.
  • The pressure difference is monitored.
  • Water temperatures are controlled.
  • The oil level pressure is checked.
  • The condenser and the evaporator are controlled.
Chiller Bakım Onarım

Chiller Service

With our service teams, our service teams serve the best chiller cooling brands in the world.We provide a smooth cooling system with our service teams.mini chiller

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Chiller Discovery

For the most suitable chiller cooling system according to the conditions of your business,We reduce your cost by offering a free discovery service at the desired day and time.chiller servisi

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