GÜÇKAR Chiller Cooling ?

With our extensive knowledge, we are working with our usual strength to provide you with a better service for years.
With the assurance of GÜÇKAR COOLING,Cnc, wire erosion, plastic, injection, metal and stainless machines, chemical industry, textile industry and cooling water will be used in all kinds of systems in the industry to improve the efficiency and product quality of our refrigeration equipment as we provide.

With the service of fast service, we are producing devices that provide optimum energy consumption and high efficiency with the awareness of meeting the needs in the shortest time.

  • GÜÇKAR Chiller our Designing and testing , Our engineering services are carried out by our department and we also produce special devices according to your demands.
Güçkar Chiller

Our Quality Policy

As GÜÇKAR Cooling Chiller, having the mission of being a dynamic solution partner that adds value to the industry and our stakeholders, ; To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, with a customer-oriented management approach; We have set ourselves the goal of ensuring continuity in product and service quality.

We attach importance to being a leading company that respects environment and life values in cooling sector;in all our centers, in accordance with the principles of the Global Compact, we act in compliance with environmental and human health laws.

Therefore, for the realization of Quality and Excellence concepts;

  • We use resources effectively,
  • Respect for the environment and human health,
  • We have the understanding of service based on trust,
  • We are establishing a production-solution system that focuses on customer satisfaction and customer identification.
  • We will follow the technological developments closely and will work to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.
Güçkar Cooling

Our Vision and Strategy

To meet the customer demands and expectations at the highest level by continuously improving our product and service quality

Continuously advancing to advanced levels of technology by developing new products

Keeping the business and service areas of our customers at the top level in changing world conditions

To be a trustworthy brand that accepts our customers as business partners.

Our basic values are; quality, reliability, efficiency, and customer efficiency to fulfill our principles straightforward.

Maintaining our position in the domestic market by providing high quality products and services ve gelecek nesiller adına doğayı koruma bilinci ile enerji tasarrufu alanında yeniliklere çözüm arayışında olmaktır.

To seek solutions to innovations in the field of energy saving;with the awareness of protecting nature for future generations

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  • Our quality policy

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  • Our Vision and Strategy

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